The Gloucestershire Building Recording Group (GBRG)


Gloucestershire appears to have a remarkably good survival of timber-framed buildings, and contains the oldest in-situ roof dated in Britain (St Marys Church in Kempley, tree-ring dated to AD1128-32). The GBRG was founded in 1993 by a group of enthusiasts, to advance the understanding of buildings in Gloucestershire. For more details on the birth of the Gloucestershire Buildings Recording Group, kindly detailed by Tim Blatchford, click here. By 2014 the group had recorded 159 buildings in Gloucestershire (to varying degrees) and around 57 buildings in the county had been tree-ring dated, but no new recordings by the group had been undertaken for a number of years.

On 1st March 2014 a meeting was attended by 26 building enthusiasts, which successfully elected a new committee and re-activated the GBRG

Three main aims of the GBRG were stated:

  • To be actively in the recording of buildings
  • To encourage the publication of research on buildings
  • To act as a hub for information on building archaeology

A further long-term aim for the group is to identify what building features and building types are common or rare in Gloucestershire.

Honorary Members

The GBRG currently has two honorary members:

  • Lionel Walrond (awarded 2014)
  • Toby Catchpole (awarded 2019)

Get involved & join the GBRG

The GBRG aims to have two large meetings with a guest lecturer each year possibility at Whiteway, which has excellent parking and is in the centre of the County. More frequent recording fieldwork and practical workshops will be held in different places of interest around the county.

  • Membership of the GBRG costs just £14 per year, (or just £12 per year if paid by standing order).
  • A small charge may be made to non-members who attend meetings, and charges will typically be double to non-members.
  • The GBRG web-site aims to act a hub for information on building archaeology, or membership area contains information, research reports , our google group keeps all interested people updated on GBRG indicatives.
  • All members are covered by our insurance for building recording.
  • All members will be given access to the online Building Archaeological Research Database (BARD). BARD contains records of all the buildings recorded by the group in Gloucestershire, as well as over 10,000 buildings recorded in other counties by other researchers & groups.

To join the GBRG, please click on and then complete this Membership leaflet